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 Keys to Success - 

An inspirational talk covering my personal journey through school, university & life.


Highlights overcoming challenges & qualities required to become a champion academically & in sport.


"If we are never exposed to things that inspire us, 

we can easily get sucked into the negativity around us,

 this session is food for your mind & soul"

" Don't give up TRY HARDER but if that doesn't work, try SMARTER "      

 ** Some Feedback **


"Patrick's talk was truly inspirational and a great start to the term. His words rang true with staff and students alike. His encouragement of students to go out of their comfort zone and push themselves to fulfill their potential was spot on. I have no doubt that he had a direct impact on some of the students attitudes towards their studies and extracurricular work. "
Head of Sixth Form at Chelsea Sch)

"Patrick, who visited the week before last to do a motivational talk was an excellent speaker I felt, as he really gave the pupils a great example of how you can be successful in education, whilst pursuing lifelong goals and ambitions."
(Teacher from Uxbridge Sch)


"Every time Ultra has run a session the reaction of our student visitors has been amazing. 

 They are inspired by his story, enthused by his strategies for success and motivated to follow in his footsteps to achieve the best of which they are capable. 

 As a Brunel graduate, Ultra is a shining example of the results of hard work, determination & high aspirations."

(Widening Participation Officer at Brunel)

 "It was the best talk of the day"

(Student from South Hall Sch on careers fair day)


"Your ability to keep them engaged and inspire them was fantastic, they really got a lot out of it."

(Teacher from Greenford High Sch)


"You're my inspiration, I look up to you. You make me want to be someone in life"

(Student from Greenford High Sch)


"The students loved it, very inspirational" 

(Teacher from Alperton Sch)


“It was the best class of the whole week"

(Student from Bishop Ramsey Sch) 

 " With people like you around its hard NOT to keep motivated "

(Student ambassador at Imperial College)


 "Thanks again for coming in. You've been rated as the best one yet by a number of the students."

(Head of sixthform from Hewens College)

"What a motivational, inspirational and delighted session. 

I am so happy that you are enjoying life and that you have found what you are passionate about. 

Keep up the good work."

(Tutor from Urban Scholars)

"With all the negativity around us, thank you for giving us something to celebrate and smile about"

(Teacher from Douay Martyrs Sch)

"Glad I finally got to hear you, what a motivational, inspirational and delightful session."


"You are an inspirational young man, I was impressed with the way you captured the attention of the young people"

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"Patrick used his inspirational communication skills to relate his journey from school to post-graduate level. 

His speech touched on the difficulties he encountered and how he overcame them to achieve his goals."

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